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The functioning of Medical Flights Amid Coronavirus Scare


COVID-19, or Coronavirus as it is popularly known, is taking the world by storm. There is hardly any nation that is currently not affected by this pandemic. Governments cutting across borders are restricting air travel. However, there cannot be a blanket policy that restricts the entire aviation sector. Medical flights are a necessity in these tough times. Many patients, especially in rural areas, might soon need the services that are offered by medical flights. Since medical flights come under the aviation sector in the United States, the government authorities must take cognizance of this fact and make way for unhindered air ambulance services, so that the industry can cater to the patients during these difficult times.

Medical Flights are Behaving Responsibly

It has not been easy for the medical flights to function normally due to the COVID-19. Mobilizing the requisite workforce is easier said than done in the face of the virus threat, but the industry is holding its own, making way for unhindered services.

Special care is being taken to sanitize the medical flights, and the crew is behaving extremely cautiously, say industry experts. Measures are being taken to categorize high-risk patients so that appropriate care and precautions can be taken.

Ground Ambulances are Being Preferred

A major disadvantage that has come forth during this time is the isolation of the crew from infected patients. Unlike ground ambulances, medical flights (air ambulance helicopters) have a single compartment. Ground ambulances can also have air filtration systems to keep the medical and paramedical staff safe.

The operators of air ambulances are also taking the health of crew members seriously and taking care not to expose them to risks unnecessarily. However, since emergencies do arise, the industry is ever ready to take up challenges in the interest of the public that it serves, reveal industry experts.

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