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The Latest in the Air Ambulance Industry


When it comes to news, the air ambulance industry is never disappointing. There is one thing or the other that always seems to take place. We bring you a roundup of the various events that occurred recently.

Prince William Hails the Air Ambulance Industry in the United Kingdom

Prince William, being a former medical flight pilot himself, is quite vocal when it comes to supporting the air ambulance industry in the UK. This time around, he was a part of an event organized to support London’s Air Ambulance Charity. He revealed that the country had one of the toughest airspaces and that air ambulances were vital in getting the right treatment to patients on time.

One of the Largest Air Ambulance Companies in the US Faces a Federal Lawsuit

The company in question is Air Methods, which is a large player in the air ambulance industry. Recently, the US Attorney in Denver has claimed that the organization has been lax when it comes to vehicle safety. It was alleged that a safety check conducted by the Federal Aviation Authority revealed one of the airspeed gauge was faulty and had been so for some time. The company had failed to get this in order putting lives at risk. It was found that the medical flight had taken off 51 times with this faulty equipment.

Medical Flight Costs More than Treatment but the Bill is Waved Off

The air ambulance industry is quite forgiving when it comes to forgoing balance bills. This time around, it was a Colorado man. His medical flight bill had exceeded the cost of his treatment. The insurance provider had only covered about 80% of the medical flight, while covering the entire medical treatment – a lung transplant in this case. However, the air ambulance company later waved off the balance bill amount completely, providing relief to the patient.

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