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The Mysterious Flying Object: Was it a Missile or the Air Ambulance Itself?


A recent incident – where an air ambulance was an unwitting participant – had all the makings of a conspiracy theory. The incident occurred in the skies right above Whidbey Island, which lies in the north of Seattle, Washington. A remarkable thing about Whidbey Island is that it is also a naval base. It was very early in the morning in the area when someone with a night camera spotted a flashy object in the sky. It seemed like a missile making its way beyond the horizon. The surrounding area has civilian population and missile tests have never occurred in the area before, giving rise to more surprises.

How did the Air Ambulance Come into Picture?

It was revealed that during the particular time when the flashy object was spotted, an air ambulance was making way to the exact same spot, but noticed nothing or at least that’s what has been widely believed. While some were relieved that nothing untoward happened to the air ambulance, others expressed their scepticism owing to the fact that the helicopter crew did not witness anything out of the ordinary. Some were even wondering whether the object was a giant meteor; however, ascend towards the skies cannot be explained if it was a meteor; hence, this theory was immediately dropped.

Experts Believe that it Could be the Air Ambulance Helicopter Itself that was Seen

The images from the night vision camera were carefully examined by some experts who felt that the visuals were not consistent with an ascending missile. They felt that it was simply the air ambulance helicopter, which was ascending at a high altitude. The bright lights that the helicopter had at the time could have caused an optical illusion, which was perceived to be a missile. In any case, the incident has given rise to intrigue and suspense among the locals.

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