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The Way Forward for Ornge Air Ambulance


The first thing that comes to mind when you mention air ambulance in Ontario is Ornge air ambulance. The most recent changes regarding this life-saving service are listed below.

The Ontario government is replacing the fixed-wing fleet of Ornge Air Ambulance with a brand-new fleet of cutting-edge aircraft. This investment in Ornge’s future will guarantee that it can continue to offer reliable air ambulance services to all Ontarians, particularly in the province’s rural and remote regions.

The Thought Behind the Investment

Premier Doug Ford declared, “We are investing historic sums to ensure every Ontarian can access urgent health care services regardless of where they live.” The announcement made today serves as further evidence that no region of the province will be ignored as we construct Ontario for the future.

The eight aircraft in the current fixed-wing fleet were purchased between 2009 and 2010. With the help of this funding, Ornge will purchase eight new planes to replace its outdated fleet, allowing paramedics, pilots, and aviation mechanics to begin their training. In addition to maintaining timely access to emergency medical care for patients, the new fleet will help ensure crew and patient safety, especially in Indigenous communities and northern and remote areas of the province.

No matter where they reside in the province, Ontarians will continue to receive the best care thanks to investments in a new Ornge fleet, according to Deputy Premier and Minister of Health Sylvia Jones. These brand-new cutting-edge planes are another way we’re giving people in rural and remote areas of the province quicker access to urgent care.

Further Expansion is in Order

In order to ensure that Ontarians have access to the secure, dependable, and quick service that Ornge offers for years to come, the government is also thinking about future Ornge fleet expansion for larger and faster aircraft. Ornge will use a competitive open, fair, and transparent procurement process to acquire the new fleet.

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