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The What and How of Commercial Stretcher Air Ambulance Service


Commercial stretcher air ambulance service is one of the most affordable and efficient modes of transportation, although they are not best suited for medical emergencies. Instead, they are a cost-effective way of transporting patients from one country or state. Often, they are put into play when the treating hospital is across borders, and hiring an air ambulance can prove expensive. Besides, there are always situations where a person is too sick to sit through a long flight but stable enough not to require an air ambulance service. Commercial stretcher air ambulance services are available through different providers and companies, so it is important to choose the best provider based on your needs and preferences.

What to Look for When Choosing Commercial Stretcher Air Ambulance Service

Commercial stretcher air ambulance service is a type of private medical transportation service. It is most often used to move patients who are stable enough to be transported via modes other than regular air ambulances. Having said that the patient may need a qualified medical professional by their side.

Air ambulance companies often have contact with commercial airliners where they arrange space for a stretcher for the patient’s convenience. Here the question is how well the air ambulance company is connected with such commercial airlines and of course the availability of qualified medical staff who can remain on standby during the travel.

Arranging Cross-Border Transport Can be Complicated

Each country has its own norms and laws. The air ambulance company you choose must be able to – in a short time – arrange adequate papers and acquire the required permissions. They must also have contact with the right hospital as per the patient’s medical needs. These are the things that you must look for when choosing a service provider who can arrange a commercial stretcher air ambulance service for your family members or friends.

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