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This Air Ambulance Bill is a Lifesaver


The air ambulance industry has covered greater grounds with changing times. From helping the rural population with adequate care to rising to the occasion during the COVID-19 crisis, the industry has proved itself. Of course, the lawmakers and the air ambulance service providers have not always been on the same side lately, mainly due to the differing view when it comes to the industry’s billing practices. This time around, the bill has been in the favor of the air ambulance industry. It has to do with medical flights being able to carry blood for transfusions during emergencies.

New York Lawmakers are Behind the Air Ambulance Bill

The bill will allow air ambulance service providers to carry blood throughout the state. This is going to be extremely helpful for the rural population where blood shortages cannot be easily met. Air ambulance services, however, can bridge this gap. When the need for transfusion is urgent, air ambulance services can seem like the only resort to get help on time. In rare cases, they can even fly across borders to transport the right blood type. These choppers are equipped with the right storage facilities to make it possible.

It is a New Ground for the Air Ambulance Industry

The air ambulance industry has always been on the lookout to find new uses for its services. With the New York lawmakers supporting this new bill, that might become a reality. Of course, there are going to be questions that will need urgent answers, especially when it comes to cost and coverage. Air ambulance services are expensive and insurance companies are usually reluctant to bear the full cost of their services. With an end to the surprise billing practices approaching, this new development will be quite interesting. However, it is highly that the patients may not be expected to bear this expense.

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