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This Air Ambulance Drone Could be a Game Changer


Shortage of pilots and traffic jams will never be a hindrance for emergency medical help, if this air ambulance drone makes it to the skies. It has been designed by Argodesign, who are new to the world of drones. The company has come up with a unique concept for unmanned air ambulances.

Looking at the application of drones in various sectors, the think tank of the company came up with a great idea to overcome the hurdles that are usually faced by both ground and air ambulance vehicles. The air ambulance drone will cost about a million dollars, which is much cheaper than helicopters that are usually priced upwards of 4 million dollars.

Argodesign Air Ambulance Drone can Carry Patients

We’ve seen drones delivering life-saving medications and equipments before, but this air ambulance drone goes a step further. It can carry one EMT personnel to the spot who can treat the patient and then load the patient to the drone for emergency medical evacuation. The drone is smaller in size compared to ground or air ambulances and is the size of a compact car. This means, it can land on busy roads without any problems.

One Pilot for Several Air Ambulance Drones

Yes, you heard it right! The air ambulance drone is inspired by driverless cars that have hit the roads recently. Once the drone is in the air, it can automatically navigate itself to the spot. It only needs assistance during takeoff and landing in tricky situations, which a trained pilot can handle efficiently. This also means that the same pilot can handle several drones simultaneously. The drone promises to be faster than other emergency medical evacuation systems that we currently have.

Argodesign, which has designed the air ambulance drone, is a company based in Austin, Texas. Although the air ambulance drone is still in its conceptual stage – with the interest surrounding it currently – the company hopes to produce it commercially in the near future.

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