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This Airambulance Donation by the Canadian Family is Quite Unique


There was nothing out of the ordinary that day as the Verwey brothers were going about their evening with the radio on. Just then, they heard an appeal by a national charitable airambulance company for funds. The company in question raises over 30% of its funds through donations each year. The non-profit, charitable company has managed to offer emergency medical evacuation services for people in the remote areas of Canada for years and is much appreciated throughout the country. The Verwey brothers who have a huge farm in the Portage La Prairie area are precisely the kind of the people who benefit from their airambulance services.

The Brothers Come Up with a Great Plan to Help the Airambulance Company

The farmland of Verwey brothers covers over 40 kilometers and is primarily comprised of soybean crops and some dairy cattle. The farming family got deep into thinking how they could help the charitable airambulance company and came up with an ingenious idea together. They dedicated about 40 acres of their soybean crops to the organization. They appealed to people to help contribute in every way possible like seeds and upkeep of the crop in this piece of land dedicated to the charity.

The Family is Happy to Have Been Able to Contribute

When asked about their motivation behind making the effort to donate to the airambulance charity, the family said that their community needed services like these. It could be something as small as a bee sting allergy to a more serious accident; airambulance services are what bring them medical access on time. They even compared it to the agricultural insurance. Plus, it is projects like these that bring the local communities together who, otherwise, are very disconnected from each other owing to the huge distance between each farm. The effort is something that communities across the US must also follow.

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