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Tragedy Strikes as Jet Rescue Air Ambulance Learjet Crashes in Southern Mexico


In a devastating incident on November 1, tragedy unfolded as a Learjet 35A from Jet Rescue Air Ambulance crashed during landing at General Mariano Matamoros Airport in Cuernavaca, southern Mexico. The aircraft, part of XÉ Médica Ambulancias’ fleet, left no survivors among the five crewmembers, consisting of the pilot, co-pilot, a doctor, and a paramedic.

Identification of the Victims

XÉ Médica Ambulancias confirmed the heartbreaking news and identified the deceased as pilot Gerardo Álvarez, co-pilot Roberto Manzano, Dr. Lilian Reséndiz, and paramedic Mario León. The announcement underscored the gravity of the incident, sending shockwaves through the aviation and medical communities.

Jet Rescue Air Ambulance Addresses the Tragedy

Jet Rescue Air Ambulance, in a statement, expressed immediate concern for the affected personnel and their families. The absence of survivors intensifies the somber reality of the crash, prompting a swift response from authorities to unravel the circumstances leading to the accident.

Preliminary Reports of the Air Ambulance Crash Emerge

Preliminary reports suggest that the air ambulance crashed on landing, marking a catastrophic end to its journey that began in Iguala, approximately 103 kilometers from the General Mariano Matamoros Airport in Cuernavaca. The crash site, initially confirmed by Temixco’s fire and emergency medical services crew, has now been cordoned off under the watchful eyes of the Mexican National Guard and the Navy.

Investigation into the Air Ambulance Crash is Underway

The Morelos State Attorney General’s Office has initiated a thorough investigation to ascertain the root cause of the tragic air ambulance crash. As authorities delve into the details, questions surrounding the aircraft’s mechanical condition, weather conditions, and human factors will be rigorously examined to provide clarity and closure to grieving families and the broader aviation community.

As condolences pour in, the focus shifts to supporting the families affected by this heart-wrenching event. The investigation will play a crucial role in determining lessons learned to enhance safety protocols in the air ambulance sector.

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