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UCX MedFlight to Launch Global Air Ambulance Services


US-based air ambulance company UCX MedFlight has made an announcement that they will be launching global air ambulance services. In their announcement, they stated that this launch will cause a “disruption” to the fixed-wing air ambulance industry. They’re set to bring the much-needed changes to the industry. The launch is expected to take place in February of next year.

UCX MedFlight to Address Needs of Fixed-Wing Air Ambulance Industry

According to UCX MedFlight, the fixed-wing air ambulance industry is in dire need of changes that will “disrupt” the status quo. Their organization intends to bring about these changes with fresh ideas and new technology. They intend to be pioneers in developing the current standing of global air ambulance services.

In a statement made by the firm, UCX MedFlight talked about how the fixed-wing air ambulance industry is currently stuck following old routines that are inefficient. They also talked about how the technologies being used in the industry are dated and no longer reliable. The industry has a long history of unreliability, which has resulted in the frustration of patients and their families as well as caregivers and hospital case managers.

The unreliability of the fixed-wing air ambulance industry also affects travel assistance companies and insurance companies as well. Non-transparent billing services, lack of customer service, and inconsistency in training are inherently common in the industry. And UCX MedFlight aims to change that.

Better Global Air Ambulance Services with UCX MedFlight

The UCX MedFlight team has described themselves as one of the most trusted companies in the air ambulance industry. Compared to others in the fixed-wing air ambulance industry, they will be able to fly faster and father for lesser cost. The company is set for rapid expansion and intends to increase their staffing extensively by February 2019.

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