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United States’ Own Charity Medical Air Services – Grace on Wings


In a world where meaningful charities are hard to come by, Grace on Wings is a non-profit organization that has been helping Americans through its medical air services. All the professional services of this organization are completely free and the medical air services are charged only for maintenance, fuel, and insurance. The professional medical air services provided such as medical staff, pilots, and supplies are completely free. Grace on Wings clearly states that the motive of its medical air services is not to maximize profits. Instead, it strives to offer quality medical care together with addressing the spiritual necessities of the patients and also their loved ones.

Grace on Wings’ Medical Air Services Don’t Cut Corners to Keep it Cheap

The medical air services offered by the charitable organization are fully insured and licensed. Grace on Wings is FAA certified as an air ambulance under part 135 of 14CFR. The medical air services offered too are state-of-the-art, complete with facilities like cardiac monitor and defibrillator, oxygen, suction, impact portable vent, airway equipment, customized stretchers, and ACLs medications among others. The aircraft used to provide medical air services is a Mitsubishi MU-2 that has been customized for the very purpose of carrying patients safely. The medical air services provided too are at par with any commercial air ambulance services as it allows for accompaniment of loved ones, carrying of personal luggage and standard practices of coordination with medical facilities, including bed to bed services.

400 Ropes: A Unique Initiative to Support the Medical Air Services Financially

If you are wondering how the charitable medical air services offered by Grace of Wings are financed, it is purely through donations. The organization has come up with a concept it calls “400 Ropes.” The aim here is to get support of 400 recurring donors each month who pledge a minimum amount of $25 to support the medical air services. Grace on Wings updates these members with all the developments within the organization and the amount goes to help the needy through medical air services. The organization also accepts one-time donations. People can donate online as well as through mails.

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