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Vermont Gets a New Air Ambulance Service


There is hardly a region in the United States, these days, which does not have an air ambulance service of its own. Vermont, however, was one area that did not enjoy an air ambulance of its own. This has now changed owing to the new air ambulance service started by the University of Vermont. The residents of the region will now enjoy quicker access to medical treatment in times of emergencies. This is especially vital for people living in the surrounding rural areas. It has been a long journey for the hospital to get this service underway.

It was not like Vermont did not have an Air Ambulance Service Before

Vermont has always been able to rely on the air ambulance service providers from the neighboring regions. These medical flight vehicles will still be available to the residents of Vermont. However, it is always better to have a service of your own, especially to cover those gaps that are left by services from other regions. The shorter distance also means lesser costs. This, in turn, results in easier insurance approval and smaller cost burden on the patients, if they are the ones ultimately paying the bills.

The Coverage that the Area Will Enjoy

The air ambulance service will cover a huge region. It will primarily be flying towards hospitals located in northern New York. While doing so, the choppers will drastically bring down the time needed to transport the critically injured and ill patients. People in the remote areas of Vermont will benefit from this air ambulance service the most.

Mike Conti who is the transport manager of the air ambulance service said that University of Vermont has been “working for years to set up the system that began flying missions.” The services took off in the mid of August this year.

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