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Wales Air Ambulance Acquires New Custom-Built Medical Flight Helicopter


Wales Air Ambulance is planning to set up a new fleet of medical flight helicopters that have been custom built. And they have just taken possession of the first helicopter for this fleet. The helicopter is an advanced Airbus H145 model and has been customized with upgrades for their service. Two more helicopter upgrades will be introduced within this year in order to enhance their operations.

Wales Air Ambulance to have the Largest H145 Fleet in the UK

Wales Air Ambulance joins two other UK-based helicopter emergency medical services in using the H145 aircraft for their operations. And if everything goes as planned and the two other helicopters are operational, the fleet will become the largest H145 fleet in the UK. Babcock Mission Critical Services Onshore will be operating the fleet on behalf of Wales Air Ambulance.

New Helicopter Equipped with Enhanced Capabilities for Better Medical Flight

The H145 helicopters have the capability to carry out nighttime flights. This means the new fleet will help Wales Air Ambulance in fulfilling their goal of providing their service for 24 hours. In addition to night flying capabilities, the aircraft also has more powerful engines and larger cabin space. This means the helicopters will be able to carry out longer flights without the need to refuel. And there will be room for paramedics to carry out treatments.

These enhanced features will be able to improve the quality of medical flight provided by the charity. With continued fundraising efforts, Wales Air Ambulance will soon achieve the goal of providing 24-hour service to residents in the South Wales region. Two more H145 helicopters will replace the existing helicopters owned by the charity. But the fourth will remain an H135 dedicated to neonatal and pediatric care as well as adult transfers across Wales.

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