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Will Air Ambulance Drones Ever Fly the US Skies?


We have heard of air ambulance drones delivering defibrillators. There have even been cases where air ambulance drones have rescued injured people when there was no other way of reaching them. Yet, one wonders why air ambulance drones are not adorning our skies? These tiny medical flights are much cheaper than a full-fledge air ambulance flight, even though they cannot actually perform all the tasks that they perform; however, even if they can eliminate the need for air ambulance services in a few cases, it can translate into a lesser cost burden both for individuals as well as insurance companies. So, why are air ambulance drones still not a common sight?

So, what’s Preventing the Use of Air Ambulance Drones in the US?

Federal Aviation Administration or FAA, which is the regulating body when it comes to airspace use, recognizes drones as aircrafts. So, if you are thinking these are nothing more than remote control planes, you’re mistaken. Earlier, the FAA had promised that it would come up with a set of regulations for drones in 2015 but the initiative has been delayed. FAA has now said that it will only come out with the regulations in 2017 creating an uncertainty over commercial use of drones.

How Can Air Ambulance Drone Help?

The possibilities are limitless. Apart from delivering qualified medical instructions to assist people in dire medical conditions in unreachable places, the air ambulance drones can also be used to assist people during natural disasters and even locate people caught in rubbles during building collapses. The delay in regulating commercial use of drones is going to discourage innovation in the field. Other countries like the UK, Australia and Canada already have regulations in place. It is hoped that the United States catches up with these countries soon. The regulations can also help create more jobs in the emergency response industry.

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