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Wiltshire Air Ambulance Resumes Service


Recently, we had reported that Wiltshire Air Ambulance – a charitable organization that largely depends on public funding to stay afloat – had to halt their services. Concerns were raised, as the organization that has been serving the locals for over three decades, was in trouble. The issue was that their long-standing air ambulance operator had gone out of business and one of their choppers was out of service owing to certain safety concerns, although no untoward incident had been reported. The company had revealed that it was a routine safety measure and they did not want to take any chances when it came to human lives.

How did the Air Ambulance Company Resume Its Services?

Thanks to Specialist Aviation Services, the air ambulance company could resume the services. The spokesperson of the charitable medical flight service said that they have enjoyed a great professional relationship with the company for over 30 years and they were thankful that Specialist Aviation Services had stepped up during their time of need. It must also be noted that the charity’s well- equipped rapid response vehicles too are in the service currently to aid the effort. Fund- raising efforts of the charity have sped up in recent times to become more self-sufficient.

This is Just a Contingency Plan Revealed the Air Ambulance Charity

It was revealed that the current plan is only temporary and the organization is in the process of qualifying itself so that it can run its own helicopters rather than depending on service providers. Also, the efforts to get the Bell 429, which is currently grounded, back in air, are on in full swing. The flight recordings are, at the present time, being analyzed. It was revealed that the efforts to obtain Air Operator Certificates are also ongoing simultaneously. For the moment, the people of Wiltshire area can breathe a sigh of relief as the services are back.

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