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Woman to Take on Dalai Lama Trek to Raise Funds for Air Ambulance Service


A woman has taken on the challenge to complete a trek through the Himalayan foothills in an attempt to honor the memory of her brother, Gerry, whom she lost in a car crash. Her attempt will also help raise funds for the air ambulance service that tried to save her brother’s life following the accident.

A Five-Day Expedition for Essex and Herts Air Ambulance

Nathalie Prodano, a technical coordinator for Barratt Homes, Watford, will begin her expedition on October 26. The Dalai Lama Trekking Challenge involves participants undertaking a daunting trek for 52kms for a period of five days. By taking on this challenge, Nathalie will be raising funds for the Essex and Herts Air Ambulance, which played a huge role in trying to save her brother’s life.

The air ambulance service managed to save the life of her niece, Kamiylah. Although they also successfully transported Gerry to the hospital, he succumbed to his injuries after four and a half months. Nathalie has decided to honor his memory by going on a very personal journey, which they would often talk about together.

Attempt to Raise Awareness about the Air Ambulance Service

Nathalie said that in addition to honoring her brother’s memory, her effort is also intended for raising awareness about the life-saving service provided by Essex and Herts Air Ambulance. She explained that the charity continues to save lives despite the high cost of running their operations.

Before Nathalie departs for India, she will also ensure that Kamiylah reunites with the air ambulance team that saved her life. Those who wish to make a contribution to Nathalie for Essex and Herts Air Ambulance can do so through the official website of Virgin Money Giving, where she has set up a fundraising page.

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