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Worldwide Air Ambulance Demand Churns Revenue for FAI Rent-A-Jet


In 2015, there was a rise in the worldwide air ambulance demand, which resulted in increased revenue for many companies. One of the most notable companies to profit from this demand is FAI Rent-A-Jet, a German-based business aircraft services provider.

How Worldwide Air Ambulance Demand Affected FAI’s Revenue

In the past year, FAI experienced a revenue increase of almost 9% to $87million. Out of this, the revenue brought in by the air ambulance section of the company was about $46.5million. This is a massive increase from the $33.9million it accounted for in the previous year. The rise in revenue is due to the fact that FAI’s air ambulance section experienced a 37% increase in activity.

During 2015, FAI also ran special mission services operations for non-governmental organizations worldwide. Its revenues from these operations increased by 24% to $24.5million as compared to the $19.8million it raked in during 2014. The special mission services operations seem to account for a large part of the air ambulance revenue of FAI Rent-A-Jet.

More about FAI and its Operations

FAI is a company based in Nuremberg, Germany and is one of the largest business aircraft operators in Europe. In 2015, the company’s air ambulance fleet performed 747 missions, which were spread out over 400 destinations in 125 countries. The fleet flew a total of 3.7million kilometers, which means that they flew an equivalent of approximately 100 times around the world.

It was the same year that Axtmann Holding of Germany took full ownership of the company after the exit of MIG Aviation Holdings, its cash-strapped Greek partner. FAI’s fleet comprises of 20 Bombardier business jets ranging from the Learjet 35 to the Global Express. After Luxaviation, the company is the second largest operator of business aircrafts and fulfills a large part of the worldwide air ambulance demand.

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