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Wyoming Leads the Way in Making Medical Air Transport Affordable


Lawmakers in Wyoming are making an attempt to move all the health insurance holders of Medicaid such that they get medical air transport coverage. The bill has been designated House Bill 194. The state has gone so far as to asking the Federal Government’s Department of Health and Human Services and the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services to allow it to move medical air transport coverage under its Medicaid plan. The idea is that the state of Wyoming would pay 80% of the costs and the rest would be paid by the patients who avail the air ambulance services if need be.

The Payment would be on Terms that the State Sets for Medical Air Transport Services

The state has revealed that the pay would be enough for medical air transport companies to find doing business in Wyoming attractive enough, while not burdening the end consumers. The current feeling is that the balance payments that patients are forced to pay is pushing them towards financial ruin and something needs to done about this. The state had earlier unsuccessfully tried to cap the charges of medical air transport services and the court had shot this attempt down. The bill would take under its wings all the health insurance providers under state control and this includes Blue Cross Blue Shield.

The Funding Would Be Gathered through Multiple Sources

A tax of 0.75% would be charged on the insurers who participate in this imitative and would be levied on the premium amounts collected by them. Some Federal funding too would be drawn so as to not burden the health insurance providers. Other insurance players are also free to opt into this new initiative. Industry experts have touted it to be a healthy and creative way of achieving what worker’s compensation is not able to at this time. However, we feel that, if successful, the Bill will do much more than that.

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