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More than $100,000 Raised for Air Ambulance Transportation of Canadian Couples


It’s sad when tragedy strikes during the most joyous moments of our lives. Unfortunately, this was how events unfolded for this loving Canadian couple, a mere 6 days after their wedding. Lihsuan and Peter Ingram had chosen Columbia, South America, for their honeymoon where Lihsuan suddenly developed intracranial brain hemorrhage for no apparent reason on 16th of November.

The Hope for Affording Air Ambulance Transport Rests with Contributions Now

While Peter had to grapple with this unforeseen tragedy, he is also now faced with raising money for treatment and evacuating her back to their hometown in Canada through an international air ambulance service. With insurance not covering much of the estimated $164,000 medical expense including the air ambulance service, the friends and family of the couple have turned to crowd funding. Initially, they were able to come up with $20,000, which did not even come close to covering the expense.

The crowd funding initiative is also being promoted on social media like Facebook and Twitter by the well wishers of the couple. So far, they have raised close to $125,000. Over 2000 supporters have come forward with monetary support so far with amounts ranging from $10 to in excess of $500.

It is Wise to Know Your Air Ambulance Transport Coverage in Advance

According to Travel Health Insurance Association of Canada, in excess of 95% of the claims in the country were accepted last year, amounting to about $138 million. It is always good to know your air ambulance transport coverage and enhance it with additional coverage purchase when travelling abroad, especially when travelling to countries where healthcare is not so great.

With Peter’s and Lihsuan’s case, however, they’ve been lucky to have had caring family members and friends who have gone all out to help them so that they can afford the care and air ambulance transport cost, and of course, one cannot forget the contribution of the 2000 donations that they’ve received so far. It is hoped that they would be able to raise the target amount soon so that they can return safely back home.

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