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Air Ambulance Safety

Air Methods, which is one of the largest air ambulance service providers in the United States has filed for bankruptcy. We analyze what it means for the industry.
The residents in and around Mid and Northwest Wales in the seek action against air ambulance charity due their decision to close two bases.

The Role of Regulations in Air Ambulance Safety Practices

There is a feeling in the air ambulance industry that it is highly regulated but when it comes to safety there can never be a compromise. We take a look.

Drone Disrupts Air Ambulance Rescue Once Again

There was yet another incident where a laser light was flashed at an air ambulance flight that was en route to save a patient. The mission had to be aborted due to this.

Safety of Air Ambulances – What Can You Do to Help?

What can you do to keep air ambulances safe? Drones, laser lights, birds – there are several obstructions that people can help with. Let’s take a look.

Medical Flight Challenges Amid the COVID Situation

The evolving COVID situation around the world has necessitated better-designed containment units within a medical flight. We take a look.

Air Ambulance Safety – Headlights can Be Hazardous to Choppers

We have time and again highlighted how laser lights can be dangerous for air ambulance safety. The glare created by the laser lights can...

Air Ambulance Safety – The Laser Beam Menace Continues

Air ambulance services have several measures in place when it comes to safety. These range from accurate weather monitoring to preparing for bird interceptions...

Medical Flight Faces Trouble due to Laser Light

The menace of miscreants flashing laser lights on pilots seems to be never-ending. Earlier this month, there were two laser attacks in the UK....

Air Ambulance and Spatial Disorientation

Air ambulance pilots usually have to deal with spatial disorientation. If you are wondering what spatial disorientation is, simply put it is the inability...

Air Ambulance Companies Continue to Evolve

Necessity is the mother of invention – the adage is one that describes air ambulance companies best. Leading the innovation, in this industry, has...

The US Air Ambulance Landscape – Part 3

We bring you the last in the three-part series that describes the US air ambulance landscape. Here, we discuss regulations governing the industry in...

The US Air Ambulance Landscape – Part 1

The US Air Ambulance landscape is primarily market by three factors, which are risks, costs and regulations. While some of these factors compel people...

Weather Conditions and Air Ambulance Services

It’s a no brainer; the safety of air ambulance services is largely dependent on weather conditions. Poor visibility, gushing winds, thunderstorms and harsh weather...

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