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A Round up of Air Ambulance News


Continuing our practice of brining you newsworthy developments from the air ambulance world, we have put together some items this week too. Our primary focus this week is on those developments that have taken place in the United States and the United Kingdom.

Air Ambulance Company Fined by Federal Aviation Administration

We had recently highlighted the fact that a large air ambulance company in the United States, Air Methods, was under scrutiny for flying with faulty equipment and having done so over 50 times. The Federal Aviation Administration was conducting this investigation. It has been revealed now that the company has been fined 892,500 US dollars. The organization in question, however, has denied wrongdoing, although it has not responded to media queries as of now.

All-Women Air Ambulance Crew in the United Kingdom

The move has been hailed as an “opportunity to inspire a generation of women.” Wales Air Ambulance now has an all-women crew. The response to the crew has been quite overwhelming. The crew will include Tracy Phipps who is a critical care practitioner, Jennifer Stevenson who is a pilot, Marie Gallagher who is a trainee physician, and Jennifer Dinsdale who is an experienced doctor. The social media website, Twitter, has taken this news especially well with a photograph of the crew posted on the platform garnering likes of over 4 thousand.

Medical Flight Saves UK Man Twice in 21 Days

The man in question was a 53-year-old who initially suffered a chainsaw injury, which required immediate medical attention. An air ambulance arrived immediately to his rescue and he was flow to a nearby hospital. Thanks to the quick intervention, he was recovering well. However, as fate had to have it, he suffered a heart attack within the next two weeks. Air ambulance service was again at his rescue and on time, ferrying him quickly to a hospital and saving his life.

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