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A Unique Air Ambulance Solution for Coronavirus-Related Evacuations


The Coronavirus pandemic has been putting travel plans on hold for people across the globe. For some, it is a postponed vacation while for others, it is an important business meeting put on hold. With the pandemic not taking a break and people being confined for months together, not getting out on long travel is getting increasingly impossible. Air ambulance services are offering hope amid such a bleak situation. However, the whole thing can be cost-prohibitive. To understand the scenario, one must understand what makes air ambulance services so important today.

Air Ambulance Services are Equipped to Evacuate People

People might argue that a chartered flight is equally effective in evacuating infected patients across borders, but this is far from the truth. No government allows chartered planes to ferry people who are infected with Coronavirus. Moreover, people need clearances from the Centers for Infectious Diseases and even the Department of Homeland Security before doing so. In essence, it is a lot of paperwork and permissions. Air ambulance service providers are well equipped to take care of all such requirements. Besides, they are usually familiar with cross-border regulations that differ from one country to another.

Air Ambulance Memberships Offer the Perfect Solution

There are air ambulance memberships out there that offer rescue from almost any country across the globe and include evacuations from cruise ships. Of course, the risk is high and the cost of such air ambulance membership reflects it. For instance, one air ambulance membership offers 15-day coverage from any part of the world for slightly over $600. Considering the fact that falling ill with Coronavirus in a foreign country can be bad both for physical and mental well-being, the membership fees seem worth it. Of course, there is always a small waiting period of about two weeks for such memberships to kick in.

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