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Able Systems Staff Raise Funds for Air Ambulance Service that Saved Colleague’s Life


Staff from Able Systems, a firm based in Norwich, completed a triathlon and raised money for an air ambulance service. The staff’s efforts helped raise funds for North West Air Ambulance, which helped transport their colleague who had been in a motorbike accident.

Fundraising Triathlon Coincides with Firm’s Anniversary

Several staff members of Able Systems participated in the Cheshire Triathlon, which took place in Nantwich Pool and Barony Park. About a third of the company’s entire workforce participated. The triathlon also happens to coincide with the firm’s 35th anniversary. Participants had to go through a 500m swim and a 20k bike ride, as well as a 5k run.

Through this challenge the staff members were able to raise £1,100, which will be handed over to North West Air Ambulance. They also expect to receive more funds over the coming weeks, which will all go towards helping the air ambulance service.

Staff Chose to Help Air Ambulance Service that Saved Colleague’s Life

The reason the Able Systems staff chose to raise funds for North West Air Ambulance is because the air ambulance helped save their colleague’s life. A North West crew helped safely transport Deon Zwanepoel to a hospital after he was involved in a motorcycle accident the previous year.

Deon had suffered serious injuries but the air ambulance arrived promptly to the scene. They provided him with critical pre-hospital care. They then transported him to receive proper medical care at the Royal Stoke University Hospital. This played a huge role in saving Deon’s life.

The firm’s Managing Director, Derek Way also said that North West Air Ambulance is responsible for saving lives every day. The air ambulance helps provide critical emergency care and transport to patients who are in need.

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