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Access Credit Union Commits to Raising $350,000 for STARS Air Ambulance Service


After announcing their decision to raise funds for STARS Air Ambulance, Access Credit Union has since increased their commitment amount to $350,000, $100,000 higher than the announced commitment. The credit union will be working towards raising the amount within the next five years in order to support the air ambulance service.

Events Underway to Raise Funds

Access Credit Union has already organized a few events to begin their fundraising efforts. On September 14, they organized a charity golf tournament that raised $36,424. ACU also added a direct $25,000 boost to these funds.

Myrna Wiebe, COO of Access, also made a contribution of $61,424 from the recently-held event known as Rescue on the Island. As a result of all these efforts, the organization ended up writing a cheque for $95,534 for STARS Air Ambulance Service. This contribution is on top of the $250,000 five-year commitment made by the credit union.

STARS Air Ambulance Service was Chosen for its Valuable Contribution

According to Larry Davey, CEO of Access Credit Union, the organization chose to raise funds for STARS because of the valuable contribution the service has made for the communities they serve and for the Manitoba region. As a credit union, Davey stated that they’re compelled to invest in causes that result in better lives for their members.

STARS is a non-profit air ambulance charity that provides life-saving transportation service to critically ill or injured individuals. The charity requires $10 million for its annual operations, which is entirely funded by the public. In return, the service saves hundreds of lives each year. The service was able to fly 619 missions in Manitoba during 2016 alone.

Access Credit Union has been known for its contributions to charitable organizations. They were the first organization in Manitoba to have their logo displayed on a Manitoba STARS aircraft.

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