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Air Ambulance Company Allows People to Experience Flying


Being a pilot for at least a few minutes is something one is sure to cherish for a lifetime. Now, imagine if you could fly an air ambulance chopper, how cool would that be? This is precisely the kind of experience that Cornwall Air Ambulance was offering people in the United Kingdom. The access was a part of its awareness and fund-raising effort. The entry to the event was absolutely free and was held last Saturday between 11 a.m. and 3 p.m. Donations were being accepted by the charity run air ambulance service.

The Event Took Place at the Air Ambulance Headquarters

The headquarters of Cornwall Air Ambulance is in Trevithick Downs, Newquay. The visitors were allowed to check out a fully equipped air ambulance and at the same time were allowed to experience flying using virtual reality technology. Craig Webster who is a captain at Cornwall Air Ambulance helped people with operating the chopper using virtual reality.

The Goal Behind the Charity Effort

The air ambulance company plans to introduce a well-equipped and technologically advanced air ambulance helicopter that would serve Isles of Scilly and Cornwall. It hopes to acquire the aircraft by the end of 2020. Tickets for grand draw were being sold to raise funds. The grand prize is slated to be a BMW 118i Sport. The winning price was put on display during the event.

The Air Ambulance Charity Event Saw Huge Participation

Like most air ambulance charity events in the United Kingdom, this one too saw a healthy attendance by the locals who regularly benefit from their service. Of course, the excitement of experiencing flying an air ambulance was also a major factor that attracted crowds from the surrounding areas. This effort was definitely an innovative one to raise money for the air ambulance service that hugely depends on donations.


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