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In states such as Idaho where abortion is banned, complications during pregnancy necessitating abortions may lead to patients wanting to avail air ambulance services for out-of-state treatment.
A virtual charitable event in the United Kingdom hopes to raise big money to help local air ambulance services. We take a look.

A Charitable Christmas Effort for Air Ambulance in the UK

Young Steve of United Kingdom has been raising funds for a local air ambulance charity every Christmas and he is at it again. We take a look.

Couple Raises Huge Funds for Air Ambulance Charity in the United Kingdom

A Worcestershire couple raises over a 100 thousand British Pounds for local air ambulance service in memory of her daughter who lost her life to an equestrian accident.

Air Ambulance Organization Appeals for Urgent Funds

A United Kingdom based air ambulance company appeals for urgent funds to replace two of its ageing helicopters. We take a look.

School Kids in the United Kingdom Raise Funds for Air Ambulance Services

Two school kids in the United Kingdom raise funds for air ambulance charities of their choice. We take a look at the efforts of these motivated little ones.

Drone Disrupts Air Ambulance Rescue Once Again

There was yet another incident where a laser light was flashed at an air ambulance flight that was en route to save a patient. The mission had to be aborted due to this.

Medical Flight Charity Taken Aback by a Thankless Individual

A medical flight charity recently became the subject of a local resident’s ire for what it does best – saving lives. We take a close look at the incident.

An Exemplary Air Ambulance Charity Effort

As part of a fundraising effort, a bunch of youngsters will be swimming across the English Channel in June. We take a look at this effort.

Air Ambulance Charities Witness Innovative Fundraising

Air ambulance fund-raising efforts go virtual in the United Kingdom due to the prevailing pandemic and witness good success. We take a look.

Hoax Call Costs Medical Flight Service Dearly

Healthcare systems around the world are reeling under the pressure brought upon by the COVID-19 pandemic, and the medical flight industry is far from...

Air Ambulance World – Prince William Contemplating a Comeback?

Prince William has been a part of the air ambulance industry for quite some time. He has previously been a part of a charitable...

Medical Flight Faces Trouble due to Laser Light

The menace of miscreants flashing laser lights on pilots seems to be never-ending. Earlier this month, there were two laser attacks in the UK....

Raising Funds for Air Ambulance Charity through Biking Adventures

Gordon Wilson, the 61-year-old man from Wideopen, North Tyneside in the United Kingdom has embarked on a journey in the United States to raise...

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