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Air Ambulance Company Pays Tribute to the Crew


This Friday, the air ambulance company – Guardian – that lost its crew in the unfortunate crash that occurred in Alaska this past January paid tribute to the fallen. The medical flight had no patients at the time of crash but was flying with a 3-member crew that comprised of: Margaret Langston, Flight Paramedic; Stacie Morse, Flight Nurse; and Patrick Coyle, Pilot. What made the tragedy even more grave was the fact that Stacie Morse was 27 weeks’ pregnant at the time of the crash. She was expecting a baby girl soon and had planned to name her Delta Rae.

The Search by the Air Ambulance Company had Only Yielded Debris

The company had not left a single stone unturned in the rescue operations. In fact, it had continued searching for its crew members long after the government had given up. The search in the Alaskan waters had not been an easy one. It had demanded a lot of resources and time. The rescue team, however, had only ended with the debris of the air ambulance. No bodies of the departed had been found even after extensive search operations. The crew was flying a twin-engine B200 airplane by Raytheon Aircraft Company.

The Preliminary Report has Been Submitted

The preliminary report of the air ambulance crash has already been filed by the National Transportation Safety Board that began its investigation after the crash on January 29th of this year. The report mentions ‘loss of control’ in its report. A detailed report, it is believed, will be filed sometime in the future. It is commonplace for detailed air ambulance crash reports to take quite some time to come out, owing to their exhaustive nature.

The tribute had been planned for 13:00 hours on June 7th and was held in Juneau-Douglas High School auditorium. The air ambulance company also streamed the memorial on its website.

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