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Air Ambulance Crash in Philippines Proves Fatal


All aboard an air ambulance in Philippines lost their lives in a crash earlier this month. There were a total of nine occupants, all of whom were burnt beyond recognition. The aircraft crew comprised of a patient, medical professionals and pilots. A New Zealand couple were also onboard the medical flight. The accident occurred at 3 pm local time. It had crashed into a resort, but since it was off season, there were no fatalities; however, two people on the ground suffered some injuries and were immediately taken to the hospital for treatment. The injuries were not life-threatening.

Was Weather the Cause of Air Ambulance Crash?

It is not yet clear what caused the crash. The country currently is experiencing the monsoon season. The season, of course, is not ideal for air ambulance flights. The medical flight in question was a Beechcraft King Air 350. The vehicle was flying to a Manila hospital. It was carrying the crew from Dipolog City, which is located in the southern part of the country.

Just before the crash, locals had seen smoke coming out of the aircraft. It is believed that the vehicle circled above the area of crash for about 30 minutes before it actually came down. It later plummeted into a mountain resort in Cabuyao City.

Videos of the Crash Surface on Social Media

The video was seen circulating on social media where the air ambulance is seen slamming down and instantly bursting into thick black smoke and flames. It seems quite impossible that anyone could survive a crash like that.

The New Zealand couple were later identified to be Erma and Tom Carr. Captain Jesus Hernandez and First Officer Lino Cruz who were the pilots; Yamato Togawa and Kirk Eoin who were the nurses; Dr. Garret Garcia as well as crew members Raymond Bulacja and Ryx Gil Laput were among the ones who lost their lives.

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