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Air Ambulance Gets the Couple Stuck in Peru Back


This is not the first time that we have discussed people stuck in foreign lands due to lack of travel insurance and air ambulance coverage. We’ve also seen that most cases end up in a financial tragedy, but not this one. Marie and Russell Luttrell hail from Texoma, Texas, and were on a visit to Lima, Peru, for two weeks. Air ambulance coverage and travel insurance was probably the last thing on their minds, even though Marie was pregnant. This is because she was just six-month pregnant and even the doctors had cleared her for the travel. They were visiting Peru for a friend’s wedding.

The Couple was Lucky to Have Great Friends

Things took a dramatic turn once they reached Peru. Marie suddenly started having contractions and finally had a baby around Christmas time. Russell realized that things work differently in Peru. He was asked to pay upfront before each procedure. Finances were least of his worries initially as the newborn and his wife were still recovering and their health was his main concern. The thought of money though had bothered him a bit later. Thanks to his friends, money just poured in for their support. However, the probability of having to fund the air ambulance transport was still there.

The Air Ambulance Company did not Ask for Upfront Money

To Russell’s delight, he was not asked for upfront payment by the air ambulance service. However, he will have to wait and watch whether the insurance would cover the US air ambulance cost. The point to be noted here is that air ambulance transport across borders usually costs a lot of dollars. The absence of adequate cover can result in a heavy financial burden later on, in case insurance does not cover the air ambulance expense.

For now, however, Russell is a happy man as his baby steadily grows in a Dallas medical facility.

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