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Air Ambulance Highlights from Around the World


The last week was full of interesting developments in the air ambulance world. Here, we highlight a few of them.

Florida Air Ambulance Company offers a Helping Hand to US Coast Guards

You heard that right but the help offered was of a different kind. The recent Government Shutdown had affected the brave women and men of the US Coast Guard. As a token of appreciation, an air ambulance company along with a local barbeque company sought to treat the personnel with drinks as well as food. The air ambulance company also offered a hoard of non-perishable food items for the coast guards, filling their food stores, which were affected by the shutdown.

North Dakota Couple File Lawsuit Against Insurance Providers

The lawsuit was filed against Blue Cross and Blue Shield. They sought a re-look into the reimbursement provided by the provider. The effort was to get the insurance organization to pay $16,000 medical bill dating back to 2014, as only 21% of it had been covered. However, the Blue Cross and Blue Shield, it is believed, fired back at the patients.

A Charity in Honduras is Leading the Way when it comes to Air Ambulances

Many a times, the people of Honduras are compelled to go to the United States for treatment. However, in critical cases, it becomes imperative to employ air ambulance services, and of course, not everyone can afford it. Ruth Paz foundation is known to help these patients with air ambulance services, often sponsoring the whole flight. For instance, the hospital locally is able to take care of burn victims when it comes to first and second degree burns for third-degree burns, the patients are sent to the United States for treatment. So far, it is believed, they have helped over 737 patients seek treatment in the United States since the year 2013.

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