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Air Ambulance in Northern Ireland Experienced Technical Glitch


Northern Ireland Air Ambulance came into existence after great community efforts where the entire country came together to form this charity. The organization was a tribute to the fallen hero, Dr. John Hinds, who was an air ambulance professional. He had lost his life at the tender age of 35 in the July of 2015. A tragic motor vehicle accident had snuffed his life. It was after a long struggle of 12 months that Northern Ireland Air Ambulance was formed. It was John’s desire that the country have a dedicated charitable air ambulance of its own. His friends and family had come together to make this happen.

The Story Behind the Technical Glitch that the Air Ambulance Experienced

The organization was called to attend an emergency Co Londonderry village of Articlave recently where unfortunately a man had lost his life due to electrocution as he was changing a light bulb. The call came in at about 5 past 11 in the morning and the air ambulance had managed to swiftly reach the spot by 11:40 after the ground air ambulance which reached the spot at 11:14 had made the request. At the end of the incident, it was deemed that no patient need to be transferred and the chopper took off only to land shortly after as it was experiencing a technical glitch. The technicians were immediately summoned to the spot.

The Repairs were Made Immediately

The technician immediately came to the spot and conducted the repairs. After the repairs, the air ambulance was deemed fit to take off again and did so. It is reported that the health of the medical flight is now top notch and there is no cause for worry. The chopper usually operates with a doctor as well as a paramedic along with the pilot. It has the distinction of reaching all parts of Northern Ireland within merely 25 minutes.

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