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Air Ambulance Industry will Miss Stan Brock


The international air ambulance industry is sure to miss Stan Brock, the founder of Remote Area Medical or RAM. Stan was 82 years old and had been a part of RAM for about 33 years, having helped over 740 thousand people across the world, including the United States. The volunteer services are aided by over 120 thousand people. Stan was born in the United Kingdom in the year 1936 but had spent a considerable time in Guyana as he had moved there in the year 1952. He had been a rancher, actor and a writer.

Guyana Still Enjoys Free Air Ambulance Services

It had been Stan Brock’s lifelong ambition to offer free medical services to the remotest part of Guyana. Stan once ran the biggest ranch in the world covering over 4 thousand square miles. It was at this point that he had become a skilled pilot. He put this skill into more humane use by often flying the needy to hospitals, something that RAM still does today through its air ambulance service.

The Inspiration behind RAM

During one of his adventures in Guyana, he had sustained an injury and had to make do without medical attention as there was no medical center within reasonable distance from where he was. This was the incident that inspired him to create an infrastructure so that the needy can have access to medical care. RAM had remained a dream for a long time for Stan but he had never forgotten it. After a long and successful career in movies, he founded RAM in 1985.

Although RAM is more about medical services than air ambulance services, medical flights certainly are a big part of what RAM does as it provides the organization seamless access to the remotest of the areas. Stan, the man behind this organization, will surely be missed by the air ambulance industry.

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