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Air Ambulance Membership Program in 5 Minutes!


At least that is what the program by Air Ambulance Card claims. It is believed that the company has a new website that sports a user interface that is quick. Plus, it seems that the company has made filling the details easy. The fact that the air ambulance membership provider hired Kevin Skarritt to design their website gives some credence to the “5-minute claim.” He has won the Forbes’ Best of the Web about 10 times in the past.

What does the Air Ambulance Membership Bring?

You might remember our report that brought to light that air ambulance costs have doubled over the past five years. Well, here’s some respite for you. Air Ambulance Card covers the costs for a small membership fee that is collected annually. This effectively puts an end to all your emergency evacuation cost worries.

The Air Ambulance Membership Covers Overseas Evacuation

This has been a major concern for most people who travel to exotic destinations that do not necessarily have the top medical facilities. Not many insurance providers in the United States cover overseas evacuation. And when they do cover the air ambulance evacuation, it comes with a lot of conditions for approval. With the current air ambulance membership card, this worry has been put to rest. When you look at it, it’s almost an essential along with the travel insurance. Keep in mind that the membership is no substitute for learning about your destination.

Air Ambulance Evacuation to Hospital of Your Choice

This is perhaps the best aspect of the air ambulance membership program. Unlike insurance companies that compel the patients to seek treatment in the nearest appropriate facility, this program allows them to choose the hospital of their choice in the US, even if the evacuation involves cross-border travel.

Travellers who forget to get coverage before travelling abroad can easily get the air ambulance evacuation membership through their website and embark on a safe and secure journey.

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