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Air Ambulance News From Around the World


Air ambulance services are always in for some action, regardless of their geo location. A lot of times, they are just there to avoid some serious fatality due to delay in medical care. Here, we bring you some newsworthy rescues that air ambulance flights were involved in.

Air Ambulance Rescue during Geyser Eruption in Iceland

Strokkur geyser in Iceland is a popular tourist attraction. However, recently, it gave out an unexpected and unpleasant surprise to its visitors when it erupted with no warning scalding two young children of a family. Thanks to the local air ambulance service, the children quickly got the medical care and are now safe. The air ambulance transferred them to a hospital in Reykjavik.

Air Ambulance and Seizure of 3-plus Tons of Marijuana

Arizona recently witnessed the largest single-day seizure of marijuana near Tucson. However, catching the culprits alive was crucial for further investigation. Following the leads, the US Immigration and Customs Enforcement Department was able to zero down on a suspect who was suffering from serious heat-related issues in the desert. Air Ambulance was there on time to aid the Department and flew the suspect to the nearby hospital for treatment.

Air Ambulance Participates in Rescue of Troops in UK

About 20 UK military personnel were unfortunately a part of a collision between three troop carriers in Salisbury Plain. It was reported that at least 4 of the personnel involved suffered serious injuries that could change their lives. Air ambulances were again there on time to rescue the injured military men.

Ethiopian Air Ambulance Service Provider Increases Fleet Size

It is hearty to know that the health and rescue capabilities of Ethiopia is improving, especially considering the fact that it is the second most populous country in the African Continent. National Airways, which is a privately run airline, has acquired two new Beech 1900D aircrafts. The organization also runs air ambulance services. It is hoped that the airlines with the motto A Spirit of a Rising Nation stands up to its claims and serves the country’s population.

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