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Air Ambulance News from Around the World


United Kingdom Celebrates Air Ambulance Week

It would not be entirely wrong to say that air ambulance charities depend hugely on the donations and fund-raising that are driven by local communities. Come to think of it, the whole cycle is highly mutually beneficial. It is estimated that, in the United Kingdom, one air ambulance is pushed into service every 10 minutes. There are over 21 charities in the country that operate daily and aid people. In most instances, the service is provided absolutely free of cost. National Air Ambulance week, celebrated in the country, is a chance for people, in general, to show appreciation of the service provided by these life-saving charities.

Tire of an Air Ambulance Catches Fire Just as it Lands

The incident occurred in New Delhi, the national capital of India. At the time, the air ambulance had 5 people aboard and the right tire is believed to have caught fire as it landed. Luckily no one was injured. It is reported that the same air ambulance service provider had earlier encountered a problem where one of its vehicle had to land in an open field owing to lack of fuel.

Australian Refugee Flown into the Country from Nauru

Australia has strict immigration laws and the country does not entertain people arriving at its borders on boats. This particular child was believed to be in a critical condition. It has been reported that he was depressed and had not eaten for about two weeks which had made him progressively weak. It is said that Nauru has more than 100 children there still.

Canadian Motorcyclists Raise money for Air Ambulance Charity

The charity motor cycle ride is believed to have raised over 25 thousand dollars. They seek to support STARS air ambulance which is a non-profit organization. The team of riders had a total of 17 people.

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