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Air Ambulance News This Week


As always, there was a lot happening in the air ambulance world this week too. While the political debate pertaining to the cost of the service continued, elsewhere in the world, there were more positive and charitable developments. We take a look at some of these in brief.

Air Ambulance Companies Extend a Helping Hand – Hurricane Dorian

Hurricane Dorian is a tragedy of epic proportions where a nation stands in ruins and the death toll has already crossed 40. Many air ambulance companies from states like Cleveland and Florida came forward to extend help. The industry, which is often accused of running behind profits, left no stone unturned to extend help when it was needed most.

Colorado Joins Wyoming in Raising its Voice against Air Ambulance Bills

While Wyoming has been leading the way to pursue containment of air ambulance bill, now it seems Colorado is following its lead. The effort has been to pressure the Federal government to push for a law that compels all medical flight service providers to come within insurance networks. While the primary intent has been to not burden the end users, the insurance industry has not been asked to revise its billing structure. This fact has continued to not go well with the air ambulance industry.

Ireland Gets its First Charitable Air Ambulance Organization

A whopping 56 missions – that’s the accomplishment of Ireland’s first charity air ambulance organization within the first month of its inception. The service is expected to conduct over 500 missions during its first year. The prime minister of the country inaugurated it recently on July 30th. The charitable service has joined hands with the nation’s emergency services to bring in more efficiency to its efforts. It is believed that the organization will follow UK’s lead where the community, corporate entities and government come together to fund this public utility.

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