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In a reckless act of endangerment, laser was shone on an East Anglian Air Ambulance service. We cover the news in detail.
In a recent air ambulance tragedy, a medical helicopter crashed in Oklahoma snuffing the live of three crew members onboard.

Farmers Raise £200,000 for Air Ambulance in Ireland

Air Ambulance Northern Ireland is a lifesaver for the rural farmers of Ireland. Far too many incidents occur that demand immediate medical attention and...

Concerns Raised Over Air Ambulance Service of Ireland

Ireland recently saw its first community air ambulance service. It is expected to operate full time by the end of next month. The air...

Northern Ireland’s First Medical Flight Helicopter Makes First Flying Visit

Northern Ireland’s new air ambulance helicopter landed near the Titanic Centre after making its first flying visit. It was welcomed by representatives from Belfast...

The Story of International Air Ambulance and Baby Zoe Ireland

It was after a happy family time together that Drake, Jenny and their son Aidan had taken a flight back to the United States...

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