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Air Ambulance Professionals and the Elusive Holiday Season


Come Christmas and the New Year’s Eve, and it is fun time all around the world. What all the fun and festivities bring with them is a bit of adventurism that stems from high spirits. Often, alcohol has a part to play in raising the spirit of most holiday-season adventurists. This also means that alcohol related injuries suddenly rise during the year-end season and most often, air ambulance professionals are needed to get those in health emergencies to the hospital on time. In essence, what is holiday time for most people turns out to be the busiest time for air ambulance professionals. What goes on in the mind of these kind souls is something we must take time to think about.

Spending Time on Air Ambulance Away from the Family

Most air ambulance professionals are well aware that they might be called for duty even when they are with the family and not actually on duty during the holiday season. Most view it as a chance to keep all those families out there intact. After all, a loss of life could mean bad memories of holiday season for the rest of their lives. There is also a mental aspect to the air ambulance job, feel most professionals.

The Mind of an Air Ambulance Professional is Always on Standby

Emergencies have a way of making their way when you least expect it. Seasoned professionals say that the secret is to ‘never’ least expect emergencies. A sharp mind is always an asset when you are in the profession of saving lives. Plus, this also means that a professional who is on standby cannot afford even a bit of wine that can impair the senses. You don’t want to be in a nerve wracking situation and tipsy at the same time. Having said that, we wish all our readers a very safe and happy New Year.

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