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There was an air ambulance crash in Macon County, North Carolina, recently. Thankfully, there were no lives lost although the vehicle was severely damaged.
A few days ago, a Care Flight air ambulance crashed in Nevada, killing five people who were onboard. We take a brief look at this unfortunate incident.

Air Ambulance Professionals and the Elusive Holiday Season

Come Christmas and the New Year’s Eve, and it is fun time all around the world. What all the fun and festivities bring with...

Air Ambulance Pilot’s Skill Saves Life on Christmas Eve

Not a lot of people prefer working on the Christmas Eve, but not air ambulance personnel who dedicate their lives to the wellbeing of...

Wiltshire AA Prepares for a Christmas Raffle to Fund Air Ambulance Transport Operations

Wiltshire Air Ambulance continues to make waves with its fundraising efforts as it prepares for this year’s Christmas raffle. The charity comes up with...

Medical Flight Spreads Joy on Christmas!

This is a heart-touching Christmas real story that took place in the United Kingdom and was made possible by medical flight services of Midland...

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