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Air Ambulance Regulation and Rural America


Tens of thousands in air ambulance bills have attracted sharp criticism lately and the efforts have been on to regulate how much these service providers can charge. While many in the urban areas have openly welcomed the move to regulate the industry, the rural Americans are still not sure whether the change is really for their good. The air ambulance industry for one is openly saying that it will affect access to appropriate medical care for rural areas.

What exactly will change? We try to find answers to this all-important question.

The Argument of Air Ambulance Industry

At present, the air ambulance industry is able to pass on the cost of maintaining emergency readiness in rural areas in the form of higher bills. Of course, it goes without saying that insurance companies are not always willing to cover the high bills and pass the burden on to the patients in the form of balance bills. One way or the other, the air ambulance companies recover their costs and make a profit. However, if the costs are fixed, the higher cost of maintaining a rural base might not be covered and that’s the fear of the industry. Experts opine that if the regulations come in, most of the air ambulance providers will simply stop maintaining bases in rural America because it will cease to remain financially viable.

The Power will be Unfairly Skewed Says the Air Ambulance Industry

Insurance and air ambulance companies are at the opposite end of the spectrum currently. Since the bills generated by the medical flight providers are first sent to insurance companies, it does not seem all that fair that the insurers get to decide what amount must be charged by medical flight industry. That is one of the main reasons that air ambulance industry is current opposing the move.

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