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Air Ambulance Returns Honeymooners Safely Back Home


It took an air ambulance and a fee of $30,000 for an Indiana couple to reach back home safely after an unfortunate accident on their honeymoon. The couple was visiting the United States Virgin Islands when the incident occurred. It was a romantic adventure in a dormant volcano on the island of St. Kitts. It was a beautiful sight conveyed the couple. They were descending down into it with the help of ropes when all of a sudden the rope that was held by the husband, Clay, snapped and he plummeted a good 50 feet. The wife, Acaimie, sensing something was wrong quickly went down calling his name, only to find him feebly calling for help.

Medical Help was Hard to Come By

The terrain that the couple were exploring was quite remote and had no cell phone coverage. They had to trek over 5 miles to get medical help. All the while, Clay was in pain and was disoriented to the extent that he needed Acaimie’s help to get moving. It was a fearful few hours revealed the couple. He had lost his sense of direction completely and was bleeding profusely. However, it was not the end of their woes. A lot more was awaiting them even after receiving preliminary care.

Air Ambulance was Not Covered by the Insurance

It is unclear what kind of insurance the couple owned but they were flatly refused repatriation back home. The couple was given an estimate of about $30,000 for air ambulance services. They ultimately were able to contact their friends who quickly contributed the money for Clay’s return home safely on an air ambulance. The couple revealed that they were quite overwhelmed by the generosity shown by their friends and family.

It is always wise to go for a comprehensive insurance plan that covers air ambulance evacuation, especially when overseas adventure is involved.

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