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Air Ambulance Safety – The Laser Beam Menace Continues


Air ambulance services have several measures in place when it comes to safety. These range from accurate weather monitoring to preparing for bird interceptions mid-air. However, there is no way that an air ambulance can be prepared for laser beam disruptions. Usually, it is seen as a prank by people. Unfortunately, there is no awareness of the dangers they pose among the general public. Laser beams can travel up to a whopping 50 miles. By the time they reach the helicopter mid-air, they diverge from pinpoint size to fist size. Now, add to it the refraction caused by the glass shields in front of the pilot, and it is literally impossible to see what is ahead.

The Landing of Air Ambulance is Especially Difficult

Landing is a critical part of the journey for any air ambulance pilot. Helicopters do not rely on auto-landing technology. It is entirely up to the pilot to land the air ambulance safely. This requires close monitoring of the parameters by viewing the dashboard. However, the task becomes extremely difficult when laser beams are shot at the pilot during this phase. The blinding light makes it nearly impossible to look at the dashboard.

Laser Beams Put the Safety of Patients and Crew at Risk

There is a real danger of crash when laser lights are trained at air ambulance helicopters. Compounding the danger is the delay that it causes, as take-offs and landings have to be inevitably aborted. The result is a delay in providing the medical care that the patient needs. It must be noted in this context that delays in treatment can be life-threatening. In essence, when miscreants shoot laser beams at an air ambulance, they are putting several lives at risk, and it is not a laughing matter. The act is also a punishable offense.

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