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Air Ambulance Service Begins Its Search for Air Ambulance Week Volunteers


In an effort to get as much workforce as possible for the 2016 Air Ambulance Week, Warwickshire and Northamptonshire Air Ambulance is beginning a massive recruitment campaign. The air ambulance service is on the lookout for volunteers to help out for the success of the air ambulance awareness week.

Air Ambulance Week to Raise Awareness about Air Ambulance Operations

The Air Ambulance Week will take place in September this year, marking the second ever appeal even though the charity depends on the public help for its success. During the week, volunteers will raise awareness about air ambulance operations and ask for donations from the public. From the funds collected, the air ambulance service will be able to carry out more rescue missions, each of which costs approximately £1,700.

Last year’s Air Ambulance Week managed to rake in a massive £25,000. This year, the week will run from September 17 (Saturday) till September 25, during which the service hopes to make even more than it did in the previous year.

Volunteers Invited to Help the Air Ambulance Service

Warwickshire and Northamptonshire Air Ambulance receives no funding from the government and solely relies on donations from the general public. It is now looking for volunteers who will help them collect funds on the street, organize collections, or hand out yellow pin badges. Volunteers will need to dedicate only an hour of their time in order to help save lives and make a difference.

Volunteer Pete Corbett is urging members of the public to sign up and help the charity. Last year, Pete was shortlisted to become National Volunteer of the Year due to his efforts to support his local air ambulance. He has been quoted as saying that the effort is very fulfilling and rewarding.

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