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Air Ambulance Service Cancels Charity Event


It was going to be a glorious day for the air ambulance service company with over 750 bikers covering a stretch of about 50 miles. The event was eventually going to raise roughly 5 thousand British pounds for the air ambulance service. The charity bike ride was slated to begin in Thruxton and end in New Milton. It had been organized by Hampshire Ride4Life. Charity events are a regular part of British life. In the country, most air ambulance services rely mainly on funding by the local communities who, understanding the importance of air ambulances, support them wholeheartedly.

The Reason Behind Air Ambulance Service Charity Cancellation

Earlier this month, another bike-riding charity event to support an air ambulance service had taken place. This was an annual event which always saw healthy participation. However, this year, unfortunately, three bikes had collided, and one of the participants had lost his life. The event has led organizers to question the prudency of the event. Safety concerns were immediately raised after the crash. Initially, the company had decided to re-look the event owing to safety concerns but eventually decided to cancel it altogether. The bikers who were supposed to ride in this event, of course, were thoroughly disappointed.

The Air Ambulance Company’s Point of View

The primary concern of any air ambulance service is safety of people. Come to think of it, it is the very reason they are in existence – to save lives. Expert bikers were consulted to take a look at the safety situation before taking the decision and the route was checked. Taking all safety factors and expert advice into consideration, the event was finally cancelled.

The spokesperson of the air ambulance service addressed the public and conveyed the decision while acknowledging that they knew the bikers would be disappointed. However, the spokesperson reiterated that safety was the company’s primary concern.

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