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Air Ambulance Service Takes Some Time Off with Locals


Air ambulance services are always quick to respond, especially when they get an emergency call. The last thing that the crew expects in situations like these is to interact with locals. However, this was a new for UK’s well-known East Anglian Air Ambulance Service. The organization is famous for hiring Prince William as its pilot who has since relinquished this duty to attend to more pressing royal duties. It was the beginning of this week, Monday, that this air ambulance service received a call to attend an emergency in Dereham. But when the crew reached the site, they found that the patient, who initially had difficulty breathing, was no longer in an emergency situation – something that doesn’t often happen.

The Air Ambulance Service Could have Headed Back but Did Not

The crew, which was on its toes to attend the medical emergency, could relax once it found out that there was in fact no emergency. Instead of heading straight back to the base, they decided to take the time to interact with the locals. Pilots Rob and Rosh actually went ahead and invited the onlookers to take a closer look at the air ambulances and interacted with them. They even posed for a few photographs with the locals. The locals too were vocal in their appreciation for what the crew does for the community.

The Intricate Bond between Air Ambulance Service and the Community

The air ambulance services in the United Kingdom have a close, interdependent relationship with the community. While most medical flight services receive government funding, it is not only entirely enough to run them, especially given the fact that the services are free and these are charitable services. A lot of fund-raising activities are conducted and these efforts see a great response from the community too who understand this interdependent relationship.

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