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Air Ambulance Services and Artificial Intelligence


Air ambulance services save thousands of lives each year. From flying to places that are hard to reach for ground ambulance services to meeting emergencies in dense traffic, we find air ambulance services doing a great job the world over. However, the big question is this: is there a room for improvement further.

The medical flight industry itself has evolved over time, making innovative use of technology to enhance safety and efficiency. However, one big part of the industry’s efficacy is its ability to respond to emergencies on time. Scientific research has revealed in the past that offering adequate treatment on time increases the chances of patient survival and recovery. Artificial intelligence is a technology that can help in this realm.

Role of Artificial Technology in Air Ambulance Services

Imagine a bus meeting with a road accident in a remote area where the occupants are in no position to reach out for help on their own. What if technology can analyze such a situation and raise an alarm without any human intervention? Wouldn’t that be amazing? Imagine the number of lives that can be saved if such a technology can be made widely available. Artificial intelligence can help in situations like these.

Artificial Intelligence is All about Prediction

Artificial intelligence is all about decision-making based on learning from past instances. In other words, a computer algorithm runs several permutations and combinations of a situation in the past and makes a prediction about a situation in the future. For instance, the algorithm may take a thousand instances of a bus not reaching its destination on time, the model of the bus, the weather conditions, the age of the driver, the route being taken, and so on.

Through a combination of such data and past results, it arrives at several scenarios as to why the bus has not arrived on time. If an accident is a strong possibility, it sounds an alarm. If the situation demands an air ambulance service, the alarm is sounded towards it. The result is instant dispatch of air ambulance services and saved lives.

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