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Air Ambulance Services and the World of Equestrian Sports


You must be wondering what the connection is between equestrian sports and air ambulance services. Well, step into the shoes of an Englishman and you’ll know. Equestrian sports or sports involving horses have traditionally been a rage in the United Kingdom. However, this sport witnesses a fair bit of injuries, which are often life-threatening. Now, you get the connection, don’t you? Air ambulance services are often needed to rescue people involved in such medical emergencies.

Helping Air Ambulance Services

People and institutions involved in the sport often donate generously to air ambulance services in the United Kingdom. It must be noted that most air ambulance services in the UK hugely depend on charities and are largely non-commercial. Take for instance Yorkshire Air Ambulance Services. A gentleman named Michael Wood has not only raised huge amounts for the air ambulance company but is also elated by the fact that it is the charity partner for the Equi-Trek Bramham International Horse Trials. The reason: Mr. Wood was rescued by Yorkshire Air Ambulance Services when he met with a serious sport-related injury in 2013.

The Relationship between Air Ambulance Services and the Sport Continues

Take the case of Charlotte Leighton. She was rescued by Yorkshire Air Ambulance Services a few years ago when she met with a car accident. As a sign of gratitude, the girl participated in the Equi-Trek Bramham International Horse Trials while expressing her gratitude to the charity partner. That’s not all; Charlotte has raised more than 200,000 pounds over the years for Yorkshire Air Ambulance Services. In a way, it is the community that takes the initiative to keep the air ambulance services floating in the country.

People of the United Kingdom are known to raise funds for their favorite air ambulance charity through innovative ways, ranging from cycling long distances to posing for risqué calendars. When air ambulance services are getting increasingly commercial elsewhere in the world, the attitude that the UK has adopted towards air ambulances is indeed refreshing.

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