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Air Ambulance Services and Travelling Abroad


There are several false beliefs that surround the availability of air ambulance services for evacuations across borders. It is for this reason that people who encounter medical emergencies abroad are often left stranded without being able to get back to their home country for days and sometimes moths together. The cost and psychological implications are so heavy that they are best avoided in the first place. Here, we bring to light some myths and dispel them.

Air Ambulance Services can be Availed through Your Existing Insurance

It’s common to not worry about health coverage when you go on short vacations. For instance, you might want to go scuba diving in Sri Lanka for a week. All you think about is the exotic locations and the marine life. What you fail to understand that even a few minutes are enough to cause a medical emergency, let alone a week. And if that happens, you will surely want insurance coverage so that you can travel back using air ambulance services.

You Think Your Insurance will Cover Your Overseas Medical Expenses

This is a huge mistake. Most health insurances will not offer coverage beyond your home country’s borders. You will have to make your own arrangements by purchasing a health insurance that is comprehensive enough to bring you excellent health care in any country.

Travel Insurance Covers Evacuations

That’s another myth. Unless, the insurance package you opt for outwardly states that you are eligible for evacuation across borders via air ambulances, it is unlikely to happen. You might have to pay out of your pocket. The travel insurance will only enable you to get care in the country that you are visiting. Make sure that you buy a travel insurance policy that offers overseas evacuation through air ambulance services.

We always suggest that people travelling outside the country are well aware of their insurance coverage to avoid any unpleasant situations later.

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