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In the wake of this tragic air ambulance crash, the local authorities and community are left grappling with the loss of dedicated individuals and a pressing need to ensure the safety of their aging helicopters.
In a devastating incident that has left the nation in mourning, Ukraine was shaken as an air ambulance helicopter crashed near a kindergarten in the suburbs of Kyiv, claiming the lives of at least 14 people....

Air Medical Flight Cost Continues to Rise

Air medical flight services have seen a steep rise in costs over the past four years. We take a look at several aspects surrounding this mode of medical transport.

Are Air Ambulance Services Truly Expensive Across the Board?

Air ambulance services are often counted among those which are very expensive. How much of this perception is really true? We take a look.

Medical Flight Memberships Offer Corona Coverage

Do you need a medical flight membership? We briefly look at the various advantages of having an air ambulance membership.

Efficacy of Air Ambulance Services – an Insight

Does the cost of air ambulance services justify the difference they make to patient survival and recovery? We take a look.

Medical Flights are Playing a Life-Saving Role in COVID-Hit India

Medical flights are proving crucial at times in India which is in the grips of a harrowing COVID-19 crisis. We look at various aspects.

Air Ambulance Costs – An Attempt at Breakup

Air ambulance billing can be a mystery for most people. We attempt at looking at the various factors in some detail to better understand it.

Air Ambulance Services – Do They Truly Offer an Advantage?

Air ambulance services are expensive, to say the least, but are they worth the price, and do they really make a difference? We take a look.

Medical Flights and Access to Timely Medical Care

Shutting down of community hospitals and merging together of public services related to health – this seems to be a trend that is never-ending...

The Reasons Behind Rising Air Ambulance Prices

The air ambulance industry has again shot to the limelight, thanks to the failed attempt by the state of Wyoming to regulate it. The...

Upgrades – The Dilemma of the Air Ambulance Industry

The air ambulance industry is under a lot of financial pressure at the current time. The reasons are obvious, the low insurance reimbursement rates...

Air Ambulance Cost Control – What Does the Failed Attempt by Wyoming Mean?

Wyoming was leading the way when it came to regulating the cost of air ambulance services. Had the state been successful in its attempt,...

Air Ambulance Cost Control – Wyoming’s Effort Fails

The state of Wyoming has led the effort to control air ambulance costs and had earlier appealed for a relook into the Federal Government’s...

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