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Air Ambulance Services Augmented by Drones


Drones are increasingly being used to take over certain tasks that air ambulance services normally undertake. For instance, flying to hard-to-reach areas where road infrastructure is next to nil. The necessity has been felt to a greater degree in the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic. The need today is to deliver the vaccines throughout the length and breadth of the planet Earth and air ambulance drones are making it possible even if the contribution is not the greatest. Let us understand the role they are playing by looking at a few instances where they are making a true difference today.

Air Ambulance Drones Supply Vaccines in Congo

Equateur is a part of Congo. Reaching this place via land transport is impossible. It takes hours of navigating through rough waters to reach the destination. Flying there with huge consignments is cost-prohibitive and time-consuming. Air ambulance drones are now filling this void. Vaccines are being delivered through such drones to the far end of Congo. It must be noted that the world today cannot deny access to vaccines to any region as it leaves room for the virus to grow, mutate and take over the world again.

Drones Coupled with Mobile Technology

Drones are limited by range since they need to be controlled from the ground. What if there is a network of wireless connectivity which controls these air ambulance drones? This is a concept that the United Kingdom is currently working on. The objective is to transport essential medical equipment within a short period of time economically. Moreover, air ambulance drones are a green option, with a much smaller carbon footprint. The Civil Aviation Authority of the country has already given this project a go-ahead for flights that are short in duration and distance. If successful, they may play a bigger role in the air ambulance industry.

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